When did we get old?

January 16, 2012

There were hints of it at recent get-togethers, but over the weekend, it finally happened.

My friends and I are getting old.

Long gone are the days when mani/pedis and dinner were the pre-party ritual. Gone are the days when before we had our first drink we had to figure who’s in charge of calling a cab and who’s making sure I don’t take too many shots.

My group of girl friends goes all the way back to high school. Before high school even, elementary school (I met Alisha on my first day of 4th grade). I consider these women some of the best people I know (see, you can make good decisions when you’re a kid) and I’m honored and blessed to have had them in my life for the past 20 years (wow… that’s the first time I wrote that, that’s a pretty big deal).

June 2000 Graduation Day: Me, Chrissy, Laura, Alisha, Nici, Missy

After high school, every time we got together, we were drinking and/or drunk. That was just how it was. There weren’t many events where drinking wasn’t the main focus of our gatherings and many a Sunday was spent recovering. Over the years we’ve gone months without talking but when we get together again it’s like the day after the last time we saw each other.

Recently our girls nights usually consist of dinner and drinks and that’s the night. We don’t close down the bars anymore.

Our last big drunken night out was Alisha’s bachelorette party in August. It was the last time just us girls got together for the sole purpose of getting drunk. It was a great night followed by one hell of a hangover the next day, which was totally worth it, I think.

August 2011 Alisha's bachelorette party: Chrissy, Cami, Missy, Nici, Valerie, me and Alisha

Saturday was manicures and pedicures and dinner.

It was at dinner when we admitted to ourselves that we are getting old. Very little alcohol was consumed, I had one margarita (mostly because we were having Mexican food, and well… that’s what you drink) and we spent more on our nails than we did on our dinner. Our conversations included our favorite TV shows (and explaining to Nici what “Swamp People” and “Storage Wars” are), a very lively discussion about pickled green beans (after which we decided we were going to learn how to pickle things), our families (the run down on everyone, who’s married, who’s having kids, and so on), Ricky Rubio’s eye lashes (they are pretty amazing) and turning 30.

After dinner we sat there and talked for almost another hour. It was 8 pm and most of us were yawning. Then we were laughing about how tired we were so early in the night (I was suffering from a Benadryl hangover and felt kind of crappy most of the day) and how much our nights out have changed over the years.

Overall, it was a great night. One of my favorites, I think. Of course there will probably be the rare “let’s go out and get drunk” nights, but I feel like those days are pretty much behind us now. We did that throughout our 20s and, in my case anyway, the hangovers are no longer worth it. It’s just good to hang out and talk without having to yell over loud music or other people. And again, the hangovers, oye! I don’t miss wasting an entire day recovering from a night out with the girls.

I’m getting old(er). I’ll admit it. I think this weekend really helped me come to terms with how great it is. Sure, our 20s were awesomely fun but I think our 30s will be even better. At the very least, we’ll remember much more of this decade. And I’ll be able to write a blog post in 10 years about how I’ve been friends with these women for 30 years and well… that’s pretty damn amazing.

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