Adventures in running. Ep. 2 — New Shoes

March 23, 2012

I broke down and bought a new pair of running shoes.

My run on Tuesday was the last straw. I had horrendous blisters on both heels. After a bunch of google/bing searches I found out I probably, more than likely, have a deformity on my feet.

Ok, it’s not a major deformity, but it’s enough to cause problems.

The technical name for my self-diagnosed deformity is “Haglund’s deformity.” It’s basically a boney bump on my heel, next to my Achilles tendon.

You can watch this WebMD video to see what it is:

The only difference is, my deformity wasn’t caused by wearing high heels, it’s more than likely hereditary and/or my high arches (which causes it’s own set of problems with shoes).

So, in order to find shoes that won’t rub on my deformity, I had to find shoes that don’t have a plastic heel support running up the back of the shoe. Some shoes only have the support going halfway up, which only makes the problem worse. I checked at least 30 pairs of shoes and found exactly 3 that didn’t have the plastic insert in the back of the shoe. One of the pairs was the New Balance 730.

I tried on one shoe and it felt great. I tried on both shoes and ran down a few aisles (because you can do that, y’know). I wasn’t sure I wanted them, so I took a drive over to the Nike Outlet looking for the Nike Free. I found it, but it doesn’t have a normal tongue, it’s attached, so you have to slip your foot in. I have high arches which make the top of my foot ridiculously high so I couldn’t get my foot in. I went back and bought the New Balances.

I haven’t run in them yet, I plan to give them a week or so trial before writing more about them. For now I can tell you what I think:

They weigh nothing. Well, almost nothing, New Balance says each shoe is just over 5 ounces.

The heels are fabulous!! There’s no rubbing, no plastic inserts to stab into my boney deformity and cause terrible blisters. The toe area is nice and roomy. Just doing some walking/hopping/bouncing and my foot has room to expand without rubbing up against the side of the shoe. My old shoes were wide-ish, but with every step I could feel my pinkie toes pushing out on the sides.

My only concern is the soles. They’re pretty thin. Which is what I expected from such a minimalist-ish shoe, but I’m used to the severely overly-padded shoes so it will be interesting to see how my feet feel after a run.

I plan to test them out later today, I’ll let you know, more than likely on Twitter, how it goes.

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