On Saturday, we held our second annual Fantasy Football draft for the Robert A. Zimmerman League (Holy crap that’s a mouthful…). Anyway, we did it BIG this year, with a keg and TONS of delicious food. It was pretty great. My team, on the other hand, well… I’m pretty unsure about it. (Hint: I need some validation. So, tell me how awesome of a team I have.)

There were a few big changes this year. The biggest change was moving from a 12-person league to a 14-person league (I personally feel 14 is waaaay too many, but what do I know, I’m just The Girl.)

Two people from last year dropped out… well, one guy dropped out, the other was kicked out for not drafting his team (he couldn’t make the draft), nor managing his team for half the year (someone else did), nor changing his line up and he made it into the playoffs and finished 2nd in the league.

So, our commish says, “4 new people are joining the league. Since it’s a keeper league, two people will inherit the two existing teams in the league and the other 2 new people will draft 13 & 14 in the 1st 2 rounds.” (not exact quote, but close enough). So I’m talking to my life partner Brian (his brother is the commish with a guy name Jake…) and explain how inherently unfair and sucky that is. One team had LeSean McCoy…I feel like you have to EARN a player like that, you don’t just INHERIT LeSean “I wanna be Ray Rice” McCoy… SMH!! So, after Brian talks to his brother, it’s decided that all the players from the 2 teams go back into the pool. This was 3 days before the draft, folks. Cutting it real close….

So… Friday and most of the day Saturday I’m looking up players listening to podcasts and making my list. Now, my list isn’t a “I NEED to have these guys”-type list. It’s more of a “people said nice things about these guys”-sort of list. (Excuse the sloppy handwriting and rage-cross outs, it’s hard to write with my index finger in a splint and I get angry when someone drafts the guy I was going after that round.)

The draft was pretty much a crapshoot. With 14 people in our league it means you have to be strategic about when you draft people because they probably won’t be around the next time around. Furthermore, with this keeper bullshit, I was under the impression that you had to skip the round you originally drafted someone in. Last year, I picked Ray Rice in the first and Julio Jones in the 6th. But our lovely commissioners decided that if you keep two, you skip the FIRST TWO rounds (1 keeper = skipped 1st round). So… that kinda sucked. But oh well.

My only real concern was a quarterback and a good tight end. I knew running backs were going to suck and wide-receivers are a dime a dozen, kinda.

So, with the 8th pick (snake draft) in the 2012 draft… here’s my team:

Here’s the order in which I drafted my team:

#1 – Ray Rice (keeper) – RB
#2- Julio Jones (keeper) – WR
#3 – Philip Rivers – QB – Ugh!! Not sure how I feel about this one. I don’t know ANYTHING about the Bolts… and furthermore… I don’t even know if Rivers is a decent QB. Sure, he was ranked above Fitz and Bathroom Raper, but… yeah… going to have to do some research here.
#4 – Peyton Hillis – RB
#5 – Jason Witten – TE – He’s “out-ish” with a spleen injury… FML
#6 – Eric Decker – WR
#7 – Kendall Wright – WR
#8 – Rashad Jennings – RB – Pretty much just banking on MJD being a douche nozzle with this one. Although, it’s an especially great pick because someone kept MJD and didn’t even know he was holding out. (ha!) I also hear the Jags don’t plan on trading Maurice, so…now I just pray for injuries. (Mean, I know, but all’s fair in Fantasy Football.)
#9 – Darrius Heyward-Bey – WR – Not even really sure what I was thinking here. Hope he’s worth a 9th round pick. *shrug*
#10- Jermaine Gresham – TE
#11 – Jerome Simpson – WR I know he’s suspended, but pickins were slim.
#12 – Russell Wilson – QB The day after I picked him Seattle announced he was their starter. Dodged a bullet there!
#13 – Jason Hanson – K
#14 – Eagles D/ST
#15 – Danny Woodhead – WR – Probably going to keep him around for a bye week drop.
#16 – Pass. – I’ll pick someone up off of waivers. We were drunk and tired at this point.

4.5 hours later… there you have it.

Ultimately one of my goals was to not have anyone on the same team. I met that goal, so that’s awesome. But I also wanted to have a “OMG MY TEAM IS SOOO AWESOME!!”-type of draft. But instead I walked away with… “meh…I guess that will do.” I’m sure when the season starts, and I can see what these guys can actually do, I might be a little more excited. I did see Eric Decker scoring TD’s like a champ during the Broncos pre-season game the other day. So, that’s definitely good and I know lil’ Ray Ray will be a beast, and I have high hopes for Julio Jones. He did pretty good for me last year (but I also had Greg Jennings, so I didn’t need to rely on Jones as much) and if all the analysts are right (and they’re usually not), he’s going to have an awesome year!

Happy (almost) Fantasy Football season, folks! And may the draft always go in your favor (or something. It never works out that way. Someone always gets screwed, hopefully it’s not you. /RealTalk)



I haven’t done a music post in a while (a very long while) and was inspired to do another one by my friend @BrainLemon (check out his music post).

The other day, I was looking for more “workout music” because I’ve been doing that sort of stuff for a while (check out my running blog). I just happened to come across a few new bands that I think might be of interest to some of you and one I’ve been meaning to show you guys for a while now.

First, Of Monsters and Men. I actually scolded my twitter followers for failing to tell me about them sooner. Their album “My head is an animal” is great! It’s a bit Mumford but not so bluegrassy and it’s kinda whisper-y like Bon Iver. But that’s not really accurate either, they’re sort of hard to explain, they’re an indie-pop-rock group, kinda (does that make it any more clear?). But here’s what I’ve learned so far: They’re from Iceland. Won a battle of the bands contest in 2010. Landed a record deal in early 2011. Released their first album “My head in an animal” later that year in Iceland. They released the album in the US in April of this year.

The first song I heard was “Little Talks”. I believe I first found it on Cities97.com’s Studio C (<– that's a great live performance. Meaning: it sounds just like the studio version, if not BETTER. You don't see that very often). It's catchy and poppy (totally my thing) but it's also kinda sad (not my thing, but I love the contrast).

After listening to the album twice now (remember, that’s the rule, you MUST listen at least twice before making any judgments. Unless that song is “Whistle” by Flo Rida, then you can judge it instantly) I think my favorite song is “From Finner.” The lyrics are a little confusing (is it a giant metaphor or just strange a LSD trip?) but the music is wonderful, especially Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir’s vocals (she looks like a reincarnation of Bjork but prettier, and yes, I C&P’d her name). They’re amazing.

(Favorite part of the video, aside from the performance: “hahaha… spilled your beer…” It made me chuckle.)

You can quote me on this: they’re going to be big.

The Lumineers. I’m torn on this group. I’m just not a HUGE folksy-roots fan. That said, I’ve had a few of their songs literally stuck in my head and I just can’t be upset when I listen to their music. Most of you have probably heard “Ho Hey” on the radio, and while it’s a great song, I think “Stubborn Love” is far better.

My only gripe about that song is the stupid lyric (at 1:15): “It’s better to feel pain… than nothing at all…. The opposite of love’s indifference…” it feels like they tried way too hard to add something profound there, and that’s annoying. But overall the song is wonderful.

little hurricane (not a failure to capitalize properly, that’s actually their name). This is a band that my dad suggested I check out after I made him listen to The Black Keys. They’re kinda White Stripes meets The Black Keys with some more poppy-rock mixed in (same format as WS: female drummer, male guitarist-vocalist). I love this group. Hope they get HUGE!

If you have any suggestions for music to check out feel free to leave a comment, or send me a tweet.

Got this band from my Twitter friend @DIVx0, She Keeps Bees. You guys MUST check them out. They’re like bluesy-soul-rock-awesomeness. I don’t know how to explain this duo, but, just listen (you can listen to all their self-recorded/released music on their website).

(I wish more bands did that ^^)