I spent this past weekend at my parent’s house. Friday night I walked into the family room and my dad was watching “Live from Daryl’s House.” Dad asked, “Ever seen this show? It’s great.” Of course I hadn’t since I don’t even have sweet channels (if I do, they’re not in HD. So in my mind, I don’t have them). Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to watch it because mom needed my help with something. So, I just went about my weekend and didn’t think about it again.

Then on Sunday my dad gave me a flash drive of new music (he usually does this in a “hey check these guys out” sort of way). To be honest, I didn’t even see who was on it, I just put it in my computer, transferred the files and that was it. Today I finally had a chance to look at what he gave me.

One of the artists was Allen Stone. I’d never heard of him before so I did what I always do and hit “play” on iTunes and started Binging (yeah, I’ve fully converted to Bing and never use Google anymore). One of the first links that popped up was “Live from Daryl’s House” featuring Allen Stone.

So I clicked and watched.


It wasn’t so much that Allen Stone is an amazing artist (because he totally is), but the show as a platform is pretty fucking sweet. I thought it was incredibly awesome that Daryl’s band learned Allen’s songs and he basically just showed up and played with an entire band that sounds like they’ve been playing with him for years. Obviously that’s not the case. So, in short, there’s an incredible group of musicians who are working on this show. The artists who stroll through “Daryl’s house” are pretty great too.

He’s had Cee Lo Green, Eric Hutchinson who drives himself to Daryl’s house, which is unusual based on the episodes that I’ve seen, (he’s also one of my favorites ever, so… I’m totally biased), Jason Mraz, who has a really interesting (in my opinion anyway) dinner conversation with the group, Fitz and the Tantrums, which is a great episode, mostly because I LOOOOOVE Fitz (but the music is stellar! Watch it!!), and Rob Thomas also has a great episode.

Apparently the show has been around for a while on the internet (and some random TV station my dad has), and once again, I am late to the party. Better to be late than not show up at all, right?


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “music” blog post.

Anywho, this is what I’ve been listening to recently.

The Black Keys.

I know they’re kind of a hipster staple, but I have to be honest, I kinda love these guys. Pandora first played me “Tighten Up” and I looked it up on YouTube and fell in love with the video. Mostly because it made me laugh.

Then Pandora started playing more Black Keys and with every listen, I started to like them even more.

“Psychotic Girl.”

Their latest single, “Lonely Boy” is great. The video is even better.

They’re just the sort of band my Dad would love. If only he’d listen to me.

Dan Auerbach.

He’s the guitarist/vocalist from The Black Keys. Pandora played me “Real Desire” and I was hooked. LOVE THIS SONG!! There’s something of an off-beat throughout the song on the drums, which I picked up immediately and at first, it really irked me, but now it’s one of the reasons I love this song so much.

“My Last Mistake” is another one of my favs.

Fitz and The Tantrums.
This is one of those bands where my dad and I practically said “Hey have you heard Fitz and the Tantrums?” at the same time. I love them mostly because of their ’50s/’60s R&B feel. Sure, their music has mostly been breakup songs, but they’re a blast to jam to. Like seriously, I do a lot of car singing and dancing when I listen to Fitz.

“Don’t Gotta Work It Out” is probably one of my favs. Just an all-around fun song from start to finish.

“Rich Girls” is another great song.

Ryan Adams.

Man, there’s so much to love about this guy. I really just love his voice. He’s been around a while, and I’ve listened to him on and off, but recently started diving more into his music.

“Come pick me up” is one of the first songs I feel in love with. It’s just a great tune. I really don’t have much else to say about it.

I also love his cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis. It’s just so stripped and raw, I honestly like it better than the Oasis version.

From his newest album, “Lucky Now.” It admittedly has a slight country thing happening, but it’s a classic songwriter song. And I love it.

Mat Kearney.

I’ve had a “OMG I LOVE HIM!!” “Ugh I can’t stand this song” relationship with Mat. But you can’t deny that “Hey Mama” is a freaking catchy song. It’s impossible to not get it stuck in your head. Catchy songs are clearly my weakness.

Foster the People.

My dad actually suggested that I listen to these guys (and Arctic Monkeys, but I don’t like them as much.). Of course everyone who listens to the radio anywhere in America has heard “Pumped Up Kicks” on the radio. And while the song is catchy and the band is very unugly, it’s not my absolute favorite. I like to compare Foster to that music you hear blasting at stores in the mall: Annoying Hipster Crap. But I still kind of dig it.

“Call it what you want” is a great tune. It’s kinda got this weird ’90s pop/dance thing going on. But whatevs. I like it.